The gourmet Italian treats of Debora Vena

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Attention to detail

"The difference is in the details, so we treat each and every aspect with great care."

Our meticulous attention to detail enables us to create sweet delicacies that are certain to amaze from the moment you see them to after you’ve tasted them. We listen closely to your needs and create pastries large and small with great passion. It is the details that make every single delicacy, whether sweet or savory, the best you will have ever experienced.

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Hidden secrets of flavor

"When it comes to choosing the raw materials, the main ingredient is selecting with care and attention."

We carefully select the freshest, most wholesome ingredients that Italy has to offer and respect the nobility of the products we use and create to ensure you get only the highest quality that meets and exceeds international standards of gourmet cuisine.

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Our philosophy

"Skill, respect and passion are an essential part of the best decisions."

Artistic ability, respect for the ingredients used, and a passion for the craft enable us to create excellent, handcrafted pastries and spectacularly designed cakes featuring Italian flavors and flair, without forgetting that each and every product has its own identity.

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Debora Vena Gourmet Italian Pastry Chef - Instagram Pics