Business-to-business gourmet Italian pastries 

Looking for something special for a business event or private party? Need high-quality desserts for your restaurant or catering business?

Debora Vena has the perfect solutions both for consumers and for businesses looking for quality to back up their company’s image.

Debora Vena offers a complete range of gourmet pastry services for the sweet and savory needs of caterers, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, or ice cream shops. Our staff takes care of everything from creation of the products to their presentation at the event. We also have a wide range of packaged goods, including panettone, cookies, and chocolates that feature a sophisticated balance of original flavors. All our packaged goods can be customized with your own private label.

Our overarching goal is to keep product quality high through the skill, artistry and passion that distinguishes any true artisan.